Not now, but eventually

A former Yale professor is choosing to make a bequest to support his community.

Jefferey Wack is a Nettie J. Dayton Circle Member at The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven.

Jeffery Wack moved to North Carolina several years ago after spending thirtyplus years in Greater New Haven.

The former Yale University professor has a full plate these days as a professor of strategic marketing at Columbia University in New York and owner of a consulting firm to independent schools in New York and North Carolina.

Though 500 miles away from New Haven, Jeff has fond memories of the area he once called home and of The Community Foundation. He would like to be able to give something back, when the timing is right.

"While I have the intent to give to The Foundation, significant gifts at this stage of life would upset my financial advisor. I'm sandwiched. I'm 'donating' to my elderly parents, I'm 'donating' to the college expenses of a niece, and I may well be 'donating' should my sons pursue graduate school or buy a house in the next few years. These are my personal priorities. So, the bequest is the 'not now, but eventually' method."