Children and Youth Snapshot

Children & Youth Snapshot

Source: Greater New Haven Community Index 2016

Opportunity for children and youth varies depending on where they live. Overall, 65 percent of Greater New Haven youth under 25 report having the education they need to advance in their careers. In New Haven, however, this number drops to less than half of the under 25 year old population. 

The proportion of youth disconnectedness — that is, teenagers who are not in school and not working at a job — is low in the region overall. Five percent of Greater New Haven youth ages 16-19 are not attending school as compared to 6 percent nationally. In low-income neighborhoods, however, this rate jumps to 14 percent. These young people are unlikely to complete high school, hurting their future job prospects and increasing their risk of involvement in the criminal justice system.

See these and other indicators in The Community Progress Report: Measuring the Wellbeing of Greater New Haven.


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