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GNH Community

GNHCommunity posts are immediately viewable by over 900 members.

GNHCommunity is an online forum where nonprofits can post information of interest to other nonprofits, civic organizations, and the people they serve or the general public. The site is funded by The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven.

GNHCommunity shares notice of listed events on Monday and Friday with 6000+ people via Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.

Additional benefits of membership:

When you or your organization joins GNHCommunity, you automatically have blogging capability on the site. You can use this blog to share your thoughts and opinions, perhaps even something you wrote for another occasion that you would like to share with a broader audience. You may also share articles or other non-date specific information, resources or  job announcements on your blog page. Blog post are shared every Wednesday.  

Video and Picture Sharing
You can also post videos and pictures on GNHCommunity. Videos are increasingly becoming the medium of choice for nonprofits. Promotional or educational videos can be posted as well as public service  announcements. Every Tuesday a video is featured at the top of the GNHCommunity's homepage and shared with its social media network. 

You can join groups created by members or create your own; this is a great place to meet people that share your interest and to ask questions. You may join as many groups as you wish. The creator of a group sets the parameters for membership. Executive Directors and members with similar responsibilities are urged to join a special forum group created by one of your colleagues just for you.

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