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Babz Rawla Ivy on WNHH radio

Babz Rawls-Ivy (pictured), editor of Inner City News, co-hosts WNHH's "Criminal Justice Insider" radio show with Jeff Grant, Executive Director of Family ReEntry.
Photo Kathleen Cei

The voices of people starting over after coming home from prison are raised up on Criminal Justice Insider, a new radio show sponsored by The Community Foundation. The show explores the lives of people affected by incarceration, both ex-offenders and their family. Guests will be invited to talk about the challenges of living outside of prison and offer perspectives on what makes the difference between going back in or staying out for good.

Criminal Justice Insider airs on the first and third Fridays of every month on WNHH radio and livestreamed from The New Haven Independent Facebook page. A written article will accompany each episode.

The Foundation's sponsorship aligns with our leadership strategy on incarceration and reentry.

Episode 1: Criminal Justice from the Inside Out

The debut episode hosted by Babz Rawls-Ivy, editor of Inner City News, and Jeff Grant, Executive Director of Family Reentry.

Read the New Haven Independent's coverage of the debut episode: "Criminal Justice, From The Inside Out."

Episode 2: State Rep. Robyn Porter

State Rep. Robyn Porter discusses her experiences with the criminal justice system following the arrest of her son and her journey into politics.  

Read the New Haven Independent article: "Son’s Arrest Helped Shape Porter’s Politics."

Episode 3: Looking to Germany for System Reform

State Department of Correction Commissioner Scott Semple discusses the latest reform efforts in Connecticut.

Read the New Haven Independent article: "German-Inspired Reform Calms Prison."

Episode 4: Female Ex-offenders Band Together

Guest Jackie Lucibello is a leader of the Women’s Resettlement Working Group (WRWG), a new organization that focuses on providing support and community for formerly incarcerated women in New Haven.

Read the New Haven Independent article: "Female Ex-Offenders Band Together."

Episode 5: Taking on Mass Incarceration with Community Organizing

Lorenzo Jones, co-founder of the criminal-justice reform Katal Center, discusses how old-fashioned community organizing is needed to push changes to the criminal justice system.

Read the New Haven Independent article: "Organizer Takes “Sawdust-On-Floor” Tack."


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