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Immigration Integration

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Our Leadership Strategy

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven believes that helping immigrants thrive and fully participate in the Greater New Haven community is in everyone’s interest.  The Foundation is committed to the ongoing work of making Greater New Haven a welcoming community. Building on its long history of supporting organizations working with immigrants and their families, The Community Foundation is making immigrant integration a strategic focus.

The Goal

Immigrants, including undocumented immigrants in Greater New Haven, will achieve greater civic and economic participation and success, thereby becoming more fully integrated members of a more welcoming community.
Through community partnerships, grantmaking and public education, The Community Foundation hopes to achieve the following:
  • Greater New Haven is and is seen as a “welcoming community” to immigrants, including the undocumented
  • Immigrants have increased financial stability, economic participation, and access to capital
  • The community is more informed about the economic value of immigrants in Greater New Haven and the unique barriers that undocumented immigrants face
  • Greater New Haven will be better off as a result of a more economically-empowered immigrant community
  • Undocumented immigrants are better able to advocate for their own issues (such as fair employment practices) through a stronger infrastructure of advocacy organizations


Immigration Strategic Funders Collaborative for Connecticut

The Community Foundation has helped form a funders collaborative that is committed to enhancing statewide efforts and local work to support Connecticut’s immigrant families, workers, and students. Learn more.

The Community Foundation is proud to join GCIR (Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees) and other foundations in signing a joint statement in support of the role and contributions of immigrants and refugees in our society. Read the statement in full here.

Understanding the Impact of Immigration in Greater New Haven

Greater New Haven is in the middle of a new immigration wave. Between 2000 and 2012, the City of New Haven experienced a fifty percent (50%) increase in the immigrant population when compared to the previous decade. Given the demographic reality, the current and future prosperity of the region is tightly linked to the success of new immigrants. 

Our newest residents bring with them a diversity of skills and cultural perspectives, a high commitment to family, a strong work ethic, and entrepreneurial ideas that significantly benefit the region. Low-income and undocumented immigrants in particular, however, face barriers to social, legal, language, financial and other services, which, when accessible, enable them to be fully integrated members of our community.

Learn more about the rapid demographic transformation of the region and the significant economic contributions, particularly in small business creation, of this diverse population in The Community Foundation-commissioned report: Understanding the Impact of Immigration in Greater New Haven 

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