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Welcome to The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven's Blog. Hear from Foundation staff and guest authors who will periodically share their knowledge and thoughts about our great community — its opportunities and challenges. 

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From the Shoreline to the Valley to New Haven and everything in between, people are coming together to create a better future for Greater New Haven. #NHVCares was launched by The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven to inspire, inform and engage residents about the impact of philanthropy. You will hear from Foundation staff and contributing guest bloggers. And we want to hear from you! Whether you’ve just moved to Greater New Haven or have lived here all your life, we hope you’ll find this blog useful and informative—and that you’ll tell others about it.

By A.F. Drew Alden / February 11, 2019
Aware of both the volatility and tumult of the recent months, your community foundation remains committed to producing the required long-term performance for our community and, on behalf of our donors and our organization fund partners.

By Dotty Weston-Murphy / October 20, 2017
A look at three local philanthropists who used estate planning to support the good work of nonprofits in perpetuity

By Will Ginsberg / August 24, 2017
Foundation President Will Ginsberg reflects on Charlottesville, New Haven and the future of our community

By Howard K. Hill / August 2, 2017
Prosperity Foundation Board Member Howard Hill talks of building, re-building and healing through philanthropy

By Dotty Weston-Murphy / May 22, 2017
Working with our donors is a privilege. One way we connect with them is through donor briefings during which we share what we know about our community - its issues and opportunities - and the people and institutions working to make it vibrant.

By Will Ginsberg / April 13, 2017
Against the backdrop of a dangerously divisive national mood, The Community Foundation's CEO calls for action, NOW MORE THAN EVER.

By Christina Ciociola / April 7, 2017
Why do significant racial and ethnic health disparities continue to persist although the population as a whole (all races) is improving on many indicators?

By A.F. Drew Alden / February 6, 2017
An investment management commentary for periods ended December 31, 2016

By Will Ginsberg / January 9, 2017
The Foundation welcomes 2017 with resolve

By Angela Powers / September 30, 2016
Boards of nonprofits face big decisions in hard economic times, especially as government looks to philanthropy to help meet the community's needs


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