Strategic Alliances

Strategic Alliances

Challenging times require nonprofit leaders serving as staff and board members to deepen their understanding of the current financial health of their organizations and the risk to their ability to continue to enact their missions. This four-part program enables nonprofits to explore their financial and operational vulnerabilities and options, and develop long-term strategies to sustain the programs and services that are important to the Greater New Haven community.

    Fio Partners has a developed a proprietary self-assessment tool that allows nonprofit leaders to assess their financial health and the health of their current program offerings.  The purpose of this tool is to provide nonprofit leadership with some metrics and a methodology to provide an early warning that major change should be initiated.  The results will be discussed in broad terms in the first workshop, and will be the basis for the one-to-one consultation.  


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  • STEP 2: WORKSHOP: Creating Strategic Alliances

    Anne Yurasek, Fio Partners
    April 3, 2019, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Location TBD.

    For Organization Teams (Executive Director, Board leadership, senior staff) 
    • Understand the current context for collaboration and the difference between collaboration and consolidation. 
    • Explore the nonprofit strategic management framework and assess where opportunities for alliances exist. 
    • Review assessment results to deepen understanding on current financial health and programs and services and develop internal clarity as to the “why” we would consider a strategic alliance. 
    • Assess your organization’s relational strategy and current network of relationships. 
    • Review the roles and process associated with developing a partnership or collaborative venture, specifically review the approach for developing Board-level policy. 
    • Review types of collaborative models for consideration and how they are used. 

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    Following the first workshop, up to ten participating organizations that have completed the self-assessment will be eligible to meet one-to-one with a Fio Partners consultant provided at no cost by The Community Foundation.  The consultant will work with your Board and staff to review results, deepen their understanding of their current financial health and the risk to their ability to continue to enact their mission.  This information will assist the Board in making decisions about where to invest time and resources in relation to restructuring, closure, collaboration or merger. 



    High Level Overview of the Strategic Alliance Journey
    May 15, 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

    Staff and Board members will get an overview of the content delivered in the full-day session.  This dinner session will provide a forum for Board members to ask questions that may allay the fears of strategic alliance.  The materials from this workshop will act as a resource manual for the leaders to reference after the completion of the program.


About the Presenters:

Fio Partners background and relevant experience

Fio Partners helps leaders make better decisions. Fio Partners believes that the sound decision making can only result from the development of a shared, objective, common base of evidence. Decisions about where to invest time and resources can often be influenced by assumptions about the environment or the strongest opinion in a group of individuals or past experience with the organization. We believe that nonprofit organizations should also invest in deepening the understanding of both their staff and Board leadership as it relates to strategic alliances. Further information about the firm can be found at

Anne Yurasek, MBA, Principal, will be the lead consultant on the project. Anne has supported merger and collaborative processes for the last eleven years, including partner search, strategic alliance feasibility, and implementation.  Ann has also supported multi-agency coalitions address both planning and governance issues, including the United Ways of CT, the Coalition for Housing and Homelessness and the North Hartford Triple Aim Collaborative.

Jane Arsenault, MBA, will be the senior advisor on the project. She is the author of Forging Nonprofit Alliances: A Guide to Joint Ventures, Management Service Organizations, Parent Corporations and Mergers, published by Jossey-Bass in 1998. This was the first book ever published on consolidation in the sector. Jane has also written several articles and created models and materials that are used by non-profit managers in the US and Canada. Over the last 15 years, she has facilitated several mergers including the merger of the Michigan Library Consortium, the statewide library system in Michigan, and INCOLSA, the statewide library system in Indiana; five library systems into one in Illinois; the merger of the Women’s Center and Crossroads RI; and the merger of DATA and the Council of Mental Health Centers in RI. In addition, Jane has facilitated back office integration and network creation among large groups of organizations, including 16 United Ways in Northeast Ohio, 6 large social service organizations in New Orleans, LA.; 21 child welfare agencies in Rhode Island and a parent corporation with community mental health agencies in RI.


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