Basic Needs Snapshot

Rising inequality

Change in Population in poverty, 1990 to 2011

Greater New Haven is affected by income inequality, which nationally is now at its highest level since 1917. One in ten residents in our region, including one in four in New Haven, is living in poverty. 

Within Greater New Haven, 21 percent of households spend more than half their income on housing costs - a rate higher than that of the Boston or Hartford regions and almost as high as the New York City metro area (23%). Lack of affordable housing also can force people to live farther from their jobs, impacting their stability and quality of life.

One in five residents in the region, and nearly one in three in New Haven, report not having enough money to buy food over the course of a year, a condition known as food insecurity. 


See these and other indicators in the report, Calibrating the Community.

What the Community Foundation is Doing

In addition to supporting immediate services, The Community Foundation supports long term efforts that address the underlying causes of unmet basic needs. Recent grants have been used to stabilize operations, foster collaborations, and develop strategic plans while simultaneously meeting the increased demand for services, supplies, food and shelter. 

Recent Highlights:

  • $630,000 awarded to Basic Needs grantees in 2014 

  • Increased the capacity of area homeless shelter providers including: Area Congregations Together, Columbus House, and New Reach

  • New grant awards to Community Soup Kitchen, Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen, Columbus HouseAmerican Red Cross, Jewish Family Service of New HavenThe Diaper Bank, and Connecticut Food Bank



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