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Our Funds

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven provides a flexible vehicle for donors, serving as a steward of the funds entrusted to it. Year after year, donors' charitable investments support community efforts and, at the same time, grow to keep pace with the community's future. View a list of our funds below:

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Fund Listing

Fund Year Inc.  
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The David A. Cappetta Fund
Est. 2014 as a college scholarship fund for students at West Haven High School who will study business or accounting.
Nathaniel K. Fenollosa Fund
Est. 2014 as a donor advised fund.
The General Fund
Est. 1948 by Frederick F. Brewster with a gift of $22,500 divided among five trustee banks. This fund was designed to receive gifts of any size and from any number of donors to be used to support broad charitable purposes in the local community.
1710 'r kids Family Fund2|1000|1001 'r kids Family Fund
Est. 2011 as a designated fund by an anonymous donor supporting a specific organization that has touched their life.
1003 Anthony P. Adinolfi Jr. Fund2|1000|1001 Anthony P. Adinolfi Jr. Fund
Est. 1997 by bequest from Julia DeCapua in memory of her son, for an annual scholarship at Yale University.
1004 Agency on Aging Fund2|1000|1001 Agency on Aging Fund
Est. 2005 by The Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut Inc.
1005 Abner A. & Hannah S. Alderman Fund2|1000|1001 Abner A. & Hannah S. Alderman Fund
Est. 1969 by memorial gifts from family & friends.
1707 Christine Alexander Fund for New Haven Reads2|1000|1001 Christine Alexander Fund for New Haven Reads
Est. 2011 for the benefit of New Haven Reads, in memory of its founder, Christine Alexander
1006 Alliance of African American Nonprofit Executives2|1000|1001 Alliance of African American Nonprofit Executives
Est. 2008 as a Donor Advised fund by the members of the Alliance of African American Nonprofit Executives.
1007 Elsie M. Alling Fund2|1000|1001 Elsie M. Alling Fund
Est. 1961 to benefit underprivileged or physically handicapped children.
1008 Olive Alling Fund2|1000|1001 Olive Alling Fund
Est. 1993 by bequest for broad charitable purposes.
1738 Margaret Allman Fund2|1000|1001 Margaret Allman Fund
Est. 2012 as an unrestricted fund by bequest of Margaret Mary Allman supporting future opportunities and responding to the community's most pressing needs.
1009 The Jeanne Meyers Amore Memorial Scholarship Fund2|1000|1001 The Jeanne Meyers Amore Memorial Scholarship Fund
Est. 2004 by Susan Asarisi, Nancy Boney, John Meyers, & Kathryn Tonucci to provide college scholarships to female students graduating from East Haven High School who demonstrate financial need, excel academically, & are accepted into an accredited college or university.
1010 Margaret M. Amrich Fund2|1000|1001 Margaret M. Amrich Fund
Est. 2006 by bequest for the benefit & care of crippled children, as well as children suffering with cancer & organizations caring for these children.
1012 Angel Fund2|1000|1001 Angel Fund
Est. 2002 as a Donor Advised fund by Shelly Cogguillo.
1013 Anonymous 104 Fund2|1000|1001 Anonymous 104 Fund
Est. 1998 by an anonymous donor.
1015 Anonymous 106 Fund2|1000|1001 Anonymous 106 Fund
Est. 2003 as a Donor Advised fund by an anonymous donor.
1016 Anonymous 108 Fund2|1000|1001 Anonymous 108 Fund
Est. 2001 as a Donor Advised fund by an anonymous donors.
1686 Anonymous 110 Fund2|1000|1001 Anonymous 110 Fund
Est. 2010 by an anonymous donor.
1017 Diane Fried Ariker & Walter H. Ariker Fund2|1000|1001 Diane Fried Ariker & Walter H. Ariker Fund
Est. 2004 as a Donor Advised fund by Diane & Walter Ariker.