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Understanding Greater New Haven

Building a stronger community starts with knowledge. The more that we know about our region, the better we are able to engage with each other in meaningful dialogues about how Greater New Haven is doing and what needs to be done.

The community knowledge resources here offer a portrait of our region through the framework of eight interconnected issue areas that are critical to the prosperity and health of our region’s people, economy, and civic life. 

An introduction to our region's demographic changes and snapshots of each issue are taken from The Community Foundation's report The Community Progress Report: Measuring the Wellbeing of Greater New Haven and the DataHaven publication, The Greater New Haven Community Index 2016 Understanding Well-Being, Economic Opportunity, and Change in Greater New Haven Neighborhoods.

Dive deeper by reading issue briefs created by The Community Foundation. Discover the strengths of the region and its pressing needs. Learn about who is working on the issues, and what The Community Foundation is doing to create positive and sustainable change. Pick your passion and join with us to build a stronger community.

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Index Report

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven is proud to have been a major funder of the 2016 Greater New Haven Community Index report compiled by DataHaven. 

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The report is based on federal and statewide data sources, including the 2015 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey, which conducted live interviews with 16,219 randomly-selected adults throughout Connecticut in 2015. The survey provides information not otherwise available at a local level, such as respondents’ views on effectiveness of local government, financial security, access to resources and basic needs, transportation, and other social and economic issues.

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A national movement that began in New Haven is working define diapers as a basic human need that should be subsidized for low-income families. Read More »

Hunger: A Continuing Problem

There is an ongoing hunger crisis in the United States and the food security net is more needed than ever. Read More »


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