Environment Snapshot

Preserving Our Natural Resources

Greater New Haven is known for its beautiful parks, open spaces, and shoreline. Even within our densely-settled core city of New Haven, public parks comprise 17% of the total land area — a proportion slightly higher than that of other core cities known for their extensive park systems, including Boston, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia.

Overall, Greater New Haven residents have a positive perception of its outdoor resources. Seventy-eight percent of residents report having parks or recreational facilities nearby and seventy-two percent report their public parks are in good condition, according to the 2015 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey.

See these and other indicators in The Community Progress Report: Measuring the Wellbeing of Greater New Haven.

What the Community Foundation is Doing

Donors at the Community Foundation have a long history of supporting the environment – from funds established to preserve local parks to the Outer Island for Education & Research Fund established by Elizabeth Hird. Since 1990, The Community Foundation has managed the Quinnipiac River Fund, which grants about $100,000 annually to research, restoration, and recreation projects on the Quinnipiac River and surrounding watershed. And for two decades The Foundation has invested $2 million in the creation and maintenance of community gardens and green spaces in New Haven.

Recent Highlights:

  • Grants were awarded in 2016 to the New Haven Land Trust and Urban Resources Initiative.


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