Meet Basic Needs

Meet Basic Needs

When you meet individuals basic needs, you lay the foundation for a stronger society. Unmet basic needs put our community at risk. Hungry children are more likely to miss school, affecting their academic progress. Lack of affordable housing forces people to live farther from their jobs, undermining their stability.


Within Greater New Haven, one in seven residents report not having enough money to buy food

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Collaborating to End Homelessness »


Prompted by a new federal law, homeless providers are now collaborating to streamline the application process and move people into housing as quickly as possible.

Hunger: A Growing Problem »


There is a hunger crisis in the United States and more people than ever are relying on local food pantries and soup kitchens to meet their daily nutritional needs.

New Haven Homelessness Needs Assessment »


The 2015 City of New Haven report on homelessness surveys existing resources and recommends a framework for helping people not only find housing, but also education, employment, and health services so they remain housed.

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The Silverthau Fund Focuses on the Poor

The Silverthau Fund, which was originally designated as a source of milk and coal for the poor, now supports the more modern “material needs of the poor in New Haven” such as food and shelter. It has supported nonprofits throughout Greater New Haven since 1941. Read More »

Mobile Market Brings Fresh Food

“Because folks all faced the same challenges, and we couldn’t open a storefront, it made sense to do something on wheels. Bringing food to the people made more sense than bringing people to the food...” Read More »

A New Reach toward a Better Life

This local nonprofit helps families get back on their feet after times of turmoil, securing safe housing, affordable furniture and other support services. Read More »

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Index Report

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven is proud to have been a major funder of the 2016 Greater New Haven Community Index report compiled by DataHaven. 

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The report is based on federal and statewide data sources, including the 2015 DataHaven Community Wellbeing Survey, which conducted live interviews with 16,219 randomly-selected adults throughout Connecticut in 2015. The survey provides information not otherwise available at a local level, such as respondents’ views on effectiveness of local government, financial security, access to resources and basic needs, transportation, and other social and economic issues.


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