The Community Fund for Women & Girls

The Community Fund for Women & Girls

Welcome to the website of The Community Fund for Women & Girls - Greater New Haven's only endowment promoting the social and economic advancement of women and girls. We invite you to join our efforts to advance women’s influence and gender equity through education, information, convenings and grants supporting programs that benefit women and girls. We need you.

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  • Annual Meeting Focused on Development of Girls, Further Investment
  • Hulbert Family Fund: Continuing a Family Tradition of Service
  • 2015 Grant Impact Results Show Improvements for Women and Girls
  • Convening of Statewide Women’s Organizations to Develop Collaborative Network

Annual Meeting Highlights

See the Google photo gallery from the 21st Annual Meeting of the Fund.

Read the press release about the event.

See the presentation by featured speaker, Dr. Andrea Bastiani Archibald, Chief Girl Expert at Girl Scouts USA. 

A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.” Gloria Steinem 

Video directed/produced by Travis Carbonella.

Celebrating 20 years of advancing women and girls

View photos from the 20th Anniversary event. The Community Fund for Women & Girls awarded its first ever six-figure grant in 2015 thanks to the generosity of donors who support its mission. Read the press release about all 2015 grants from the fund.

Stay informed. Read Investing With A Gender Lens, The Community Foundation's latest issue brief. 

Make My Gift

The Community Fund for Women & Girls celebrated its 20th Anniversary on Friday October 30, 2015 with special guests Gloria Steinem and Teresa Younger. 

Special thanks to United Illuminating Company and Southern Connecticut Gas, subsidiary companies of UIL Holdings Corporation, for supporting the event at the Presenting Sponsor level and to Fund Advocate Sponsors: USTrust/Bank of America, Wiggin & Dana and Yale New Haven Hospital. 

Read about the event in the:

New Haven Register (+video): Gloria Steinem tells New Haven Audience fight for women's rights ongoing at state, local level

New Haven Independent: Steinem, We Still Have Far to Go

Watch the Women Making Waves video highlighting the extraordinary pledge of $1 Million by a local woman to the Community Fund for Women & Girls - and her request of you to be bold and audacious in your support of women and girls, too.

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Fund Fast Facts

  • Has awarded and committed nearly $1 Million to advance women and girls since 1995 (view grant recipients below)
  • Over 20,000 women and girls of all ages have participated in fund supported programs
  • Grants have reached all ages– girls (20%), teens (25%), women (28%) and mature women and intergenerational programs (27%).
  • Grants awarded are in health (33%), economic security – including education (32%), violence prevention, political participation and enrichment programming (22%) and cross multiple issue areas (13%).
  • grants by geography: 39% in the Greater New Haven region, 30% in New Haven, 19% in the suburbs and ring communities (including the Lower Naugatuck Valley) and 12% statewide and beyond

Officers and Advisory Board

2017 Officers

Janna Wagner, Chair
Heather Calabrese, Vice Chair
Karen Peart, Treasurer
Susan Garcia Nofi, Immediate Past Chair
Kellyann Day, Community Foundation Board Liaison


2017 Advisory Board

Susan Addiss
Sharon Brooks
Barbara Chesler
Mary Beth Congdon
Tina Garrity
Anne Godsey
Miriam Gohara
Annie Harper
Mubarakah Ibrahim
Christine Kim
Maribel Lopez
Liza Janssen Petra
Carol Ross
Tressa Spears Jackson
Cynthia Watson

Fund Founders

In 1995, Greater New Haven’s leaders, visionaries, advocates and philanthropists came together to create the Community Fund for Women & Girls. Their gift and pledges began the longstanding commitment to women and girls we honor today.

Nancy Alexander & Phillip G. Bernstein
Laura Altshul
Susan D. Amussen
Senator William & Jennifer Aniskovich
Diane & Walter H. Ariker
Paula Armbruster
Mary B. Arnstein
Joni E. Barnett
Betsey H. Barnston
Nancy H. Bartels
Myrna F. Baskin
Ethel & Eric Berger
Margaret T. Bixler
E. Irene Boardman Foundation
Marna P. Borgstrom
Marjorie R. Botwinik
Nancy H. Bove
Mary M. Bradley
Linda Broker, in memory of
Evelyn F. & Thomas O. Broker
Anne Tyler Calabresi
Priscilla (Penny) F. Canny
Carmody & Torrance
Jean H. Caron, Renee J. Hand & Eve P. Terreri
Nancy & Jane Ciarleglio
Susan A. Clark
Roxanne Coady
Martha B. Copen
Susan W. Crosby
Jane F. Curran
Sheila De Bretteville
Elizabeth A. Demir
Isabella E. Dodds
Barbara Ellinghaus & Ronald Cohen
Janet Rettig Emanuel
Kathleen T. Faught
Elizabeth O. Fearon
Kathryn Feidelson
Priscilla P. Gaines
Shelley D. & Dr. Gordon T. Geballe
Toddie & Chris Getman
Lisa K. Giller
Elizabeth P. Gilson & Joel Cogen
Barbara A. Gingold
Melanie A. Ginter
Katharine Goodbody
Ruth B. Grannick
Lydia C. & Dr. Richard H. Greenspan
Shirley J. Greenwald
Nancy L. & Elizabeth Hadley
Janet C. Hall
Emilie N. Hansen
Elizabeth Hird
Beverly Hodgson & Dr. John Leventhal
Amy Dolgin Jaffe
Birgitta W. Johnson
Sharon Lynn Kagan
Jane D. Keeler
Gretchen H. Kingsley
Linda Booz Klein
Elizabeth & Shara Korn
Eileen S. Kraus
Ruth Lambert
Jean G. Lamont
Helen M. Lankenau
Mary Alice Lee & David H. Johnson
Emma & Nancy Leonard
Molly S. LeVan
Betty & Arthur Levy
Litchfield Fund at Yale Law School/
Professor Borris I. Bittker
Margaret B. Mack
Janet A. Madigan
Anne & Jean Mauro
Carolyn Mazure
Julia M. McNamara
Kathryn E. Merchant
Roslyn Milstein & Jerome Meyer
Sharon Milikowsky
Jane M. Monteith
Sherry & Rachel Mordecai
Network Inc. of Connecticut
New Haven Women's Club
Ann Oberkirch
Frances Padilla
Mary L. Pepe
Cyvia Peters
Catherine P. Petraiuolo
Alice E. Poole
Angela Gillen Powers
Peggy McLouth Pschirrer
Christine D. Reardon, in honor of the birth of her son Sean Patrick Reardon
Pamela Rendeiro
Lucille B. & Samuel Ritvo
The Roche Family
Carol F. & Stephen Ross
Sheilah B. Rostow
Letty M. Russell
Letha Sandweiss
Anne & Bob Schmalz
Phyllis Z. Seton
Jane A. Shaw
Gale C. Silverberg
Claire & John Simon
Pamela Bisbee Simonds
Irene G. Smith
Kerala & Richard Snyder
Martha B. Solnit
Susan M. Sponheimer
Pamela P. & Beth Stoddard
The Kay Swift Memorial Trust
Carol N. Theodore
Doris Townshend
Mary M. Tse
Suzanne Van Sinderen
Karen Vlock
Diana Seton Wakerley, in honor
of her mother Phyllis Z. Seton
Barbara C. Wareck
Elizabeth C. Welch
Dorothy (Dotty) & Glenn Weston-Murphy, in memory of Harriet Weston
Joan L. Wingate
Mary Lou Winnick, in honor of Phyllis Z. Seton
Mary C. & Stuart C. Wright, in honor of Zachery Cammelt
Rafael Wright
Yale-New Haven Hospital
Ann Hedges Zucker

Supporting Funds

Donors who make gifts or pledges at $10,000 or more can create individually-named funds that will benefit women and girls' programs in perpetuity. The following is a list of Funds at The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven that support the work of the Community Fund for Women & Girls:

The Mary B. Arnstein Fund
The Clara Stella Tropeano Arpaia Memorial Fund
The Myrna & Arnold Baskin Fund
The Dr. Miriam C. Birdwhistell Fund
The Anne Tyler Calabresi Fund
The Birgitta W. Johnson Fund*
The Edelweiss Fund
The Ercolano-Astorino Fund
The Molly Rubin Fried Fund
The Griswold Home Care Fund
The Nancy I. Hoskins Fund
The Hulberty Family Fund
The Susan M. Lewin Women's Leadership Fund
The Roslyn Milstein Meyer Women in Transition Fund
The Barrie Muir Fund
The Catherine P. & Edward Petraiuolo Jr. Fund~
The Ilene M. Saulsbury Fund
The Phyllis Z. Seton Fund
The Jane Steidley Shaw Fund~
The Gustave & Carol L. Sirot Family Fund
The May C. Smith Fund
The Women's Vision Fund
The Isadora Wyman Fund
The Janice & Richard Yusza Fund
The Tina Yao Fund

If you are interested in establishing a named fund, please contact Sharon Cappetta at 203-777-7071.

*established by bequest; ~ bequest intention

Grants Awarded

Since inception, The Community Fund for Women & Girls has awarded and committed nearly $1 Million to advance women and girls throughout Greater New Haven.

1996 – 2015 Grant Recipients

Academy of Our Lady of Mercy - Lauralton Hall 
To provide a Summer Academy which will include supplemental educational, social and life-enriching experiences during the summer months for 40 inner-city girls entering the 7th and 8th grades.

ACCT Associates
For a support group of African-American and other girls of color, ages 8-11, who reside in the urban areas of New Haven to address better understanding of cultural messages that distort their self-image.

To foster self-esteem in girls while introducing them to the power of their own voices through video.

Agency on Aging of South Central CT 
To support a bilingual, educational outreach project (including 15 one-hour sessions and a larger, culminating event) on breast health.

All Our Kin
To support the examination fees of six All Our Kin participants taking the Child Development Associate (CDA) examination.  

To provide stipends for single mothers on public assistance.

To continue and staff the Family Child Care Toolkit Licensing Project. With support salary for a Family Child Care Coordinator, 60-100 currently unlicensed child care providers will be assisted through the process of obtaining a state child care license using the Toolkit as a tangible guide.

To support the creation of six Toolkit Boxes which will help 20 women to become licensed family child-care providers. Each box contains the necessary paperwork for each step towards licensure, health, safety and educational supplies and vouchers for necessary CPR and first aid training.  

To support the Family Child Care Toolkit licensing project.  The project will provide six more licensing tool kits to the existing program, allowing six women to become licensed home care providers for 36 children.  

To support the external evaluation of the Tool Kit project.  This project provides support, guidance and professional development for day-care providers, and allows providers to learn about and engage in safe practices in order to obtain their license from the State.  

To support the seventh annual Family Child Care Conference, a full day of professional development and hands-on learning for child care providers.

To support the publishing of an impact report based on an evaluation of All Our Kin's impact on children and families in Greater New Haven and to also support the convening of informational sessions. 

To train and assist 40 female child care providers in developing successful businesses that offer affordable, high-quality child care.

Ansonia Housing Authority
To purchase uniforms for a 20-member Riverside Housing Complex Drill Team for girls 5-17 years old.

Ansonia Rescue Medical Services
To support a babysitter training program, Red Cross CPR and First Aid Safety training and certification to girls ages 12-16.

Architecture Resource Center, Inc. 
To support Design Technology Camp workshops at Camp Farnam.  These workshops address the underrepresentation of women in math and science professions and provide hands-on learning and leadership experiences in science, technology, engineering, math and architecture to at-risk girls from New Haven middle schools and high schools.

To support the Design Technology Camp, a four-week program that will offer architecture, design, STEM and leadership activities to girls and young women at Camp Farnam during summer 2012, and in collaboration with Farnam Neighborhood House and Higher Heights Youth Empowerment.

Arts Council of Greater New Haven
To support A Slip In The Dark, a four-hour festival that celebrates the uniqueness of women while sharing information that promotes women's health issues, self-esteem, violence prevention, addiction and recovery, and communication.

Boys & Girls Club of New Haven
To support Beginning Alcohol/Addiction Basic Education Studies that is a primary prevention program designed to give children a lifetime of protection from substance abuse by offering education and training to youth 13-19 years of age who after completion will then educate children about substance abuse prevention.

To support the 2008 season of the Lady Blazers AAU Basketball team. The team is made up of 48 girls between the ages of 12 and 15.

To support the SMART Girls program which will equip female club members with the crucial health and life skills needed to become healthy, successful adults.  The program will reach a total of 44 eight to twelve-year-olds.

To support staff time and field trip costs for Emerging Young Leaders, a program in which Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority members mentor girls in four core areas: Leadership Development, Civic Engagement, Educational Enrichment, and Character Building.

To support the development of a Triple Play Leadership Club for girls ages 10-18. 

To support of ASCEND, a college readiness and career awareness program designed to educate and encourage 25 girls ages 9-17 with the assistance of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Christian Community Action
To provide support to teens in their new roles in the family by enrolling them in the Red Cross Babysitting Class.

To increase the computer skills and expertise of individuals served in the transitional housing program, shelter, and advocacy group, who are primarily female heads of households.

To support the Promoting Active Civic Engagement (PACE) and incentive based effort of the Advocacy and Education Program in CCA’s Stepping Stones Transitional Housing program.  The work promotes social change and justice for women who are poor and of color through empowerment, educational opportunities, grass-roots organizing and leadership training.   

To support a new project for the Mothers for Justice program which will design a documentary video of the experiences of women receiving cash assistance from the Federal government through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.  

To support the advocacy efforts of Mothers for Justice, a coalition of New Haven women, at the state and federal levels to change the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Program so that more families are able to become self-sufficient.

City of New Haven Community Services Administration 
To support the development of a status report on New Haven's women and girls in the areas of health, safety, education and economic security.  The status report will establish a baseline that can be used for current and future programming to improve the lives of women and girls in New Haven.

Clifford Beers Guidance Clinic
To support Safe Kids/Strong Kids Program, a group therapy program for children ages 5-18 who have been sexually abused.

Collective Consciousness Theater, Inc.
To support 20 New Haven area high school girls over the course of eight weeks in the Sticks and Stones program.  Through this program, girls will learn how media and society determine how young women make decisions.

To support a ten week after school theatre program, exclusively for seventh and eighth grade female students, at Wexler Grant Community School, to promote self-expression, constructive collaboration, and self-care of mind, body, and spirit. 

The Color of Words
To support a comprehensive, eight week digital media internship for eight girls ages 11-14.  The girls will participate in workshops on media literacy, creative writing, script development, research, the images of women and girls in the media, audio/video recording and editing as well as online distribution and marketing.

Columbus House, Inc.
Funding for full-time Case Managers who will support 18 women engaged in life transitions. Grant funding will support Sojourner's Place, a unique program for women who are confronting issues which include mental health, substance abuse, vocational and educational goals, basic life skills and re-unification with family members, especially children.

Common Ground High School
To support a pilot program to launch an all girls physical education program to encourage healthy eating, promote physical fitness and improve self-esteem.  The pilot is designed for girls with physical disabilities, obesity or reluctance to challenge themselves physically in the presence of boys. 

To support twenty 2010 summer camp scholarships for low-income girls of color who would not otherwise participate in the camps. Students will be solicited from siblings of Common Ground students and three New Haven Board of Education partnering K-8 schools.

Community Action Agency of New Haven, Inc.
To support the SMART Program in advancing the economic security of participating women and their children through initiating Individual Development Accounts to be used for the purchase of transportation or education/training.

Community Center of Excellence in Women's Health
To support The Healthy Divas health support group, a collaborative initiative between 20 women residing in the Riverside Apartment community, a low-income housing development in Ansonia and the CCOE at Griffin Hospital. 

The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Research Foundation  
To support the Middle School Girls’ Science Mentoring Program designed to reach over 500 disadvantaged middle school girls in New Haven’s public schools through the engagement and leadership of six middle school girls with women scientist mentors.

Connecticut Pre-Engineering Program 
To support the A Face Like Mine program, a gender diversity project designed to increase female participation, interest and achievement in male-dominated academic subjects such as science, technology, engineering and math. The project will focus on 50 girls in grades 5-7 at three New Haven Public Schools and their teachers. 

Connecticut Appleseed Center for Law and Justice, Inc.
To support sixteen Elder Law Workshops which will deliver reliable and objective information about the legal and financial issues that confront elders.  The workshops will serve approximately 250 female seniors in Greater New Haven.

Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund
To support a New Haven-based Girls and Tech exposition during the 2008-09 school year. One hundred seventh grade girls and their teachers will participate in workshops designed to enhance their interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education and careers.

To support assistance for the legal information, referral and advocacy services for women provided in Greater New Haven.

To support scholarships offered as part of a Girls & STEM Expo hosted at Gateway Community College for 9th and 10th grade girls from New Haven County.  

Coordinating Council for Children in Crisis 
To support the Child Empowerment Group that helps youngsters who have witnessed domestic violence cope with current or past trauma. The program will serve 39 youngsters (at least 90% female) ages 6-11 years of age over twelve weeks and foster personal growth and well-being.

The Consultation Center 
To support the leadership development of a group of diverse young women, as they enter into supervisory positions in youth organizations or seek new roles within local youth programs.

The Diaper Bank 
To support the second phase of the Basic Human Needs Policy Project, a multiyear effort to raise awareness at the Federal level about how the provision of diapers strengthens families and the economic security of the poor.  

To support the third phase of the Basic Human Needs Policy Project, which will include statewide and national advocacy on the accessibility of diapers and diapering supplies for low-income families.

Dixwell Community House
To support HerStory Theatre Project that encourages young girls aged 12-16 to participate in a weekly performing arts group which will provide education and resources necessary to assist the participants in developing personal experiences into works of performing art.

Dwight Hall at Yale
To support the WYSE (Women and Youth Supporting Each Other) project that seeks to serve New Haven by strengthening the lives and communities of women and girls of color. The program is a curriculum-based group and one-on-one mentorship program between 25 Sheridan Middle School and their Yale mentors 

To support the participation of 25 girls from New Haven’s Sheriden Middle School in the Women and Youth Supporting Each Other (WYSE) program. The program is a curriculum based, group and one-on-one mentoring program designed to strengthen the lives and communities of women and girls.

Domestic Violence Services of Greater New Haven
To purchase four new bureaus for emergency shelter bedrooms.  

To support the costs of equipment for a playscape to be reconstructed by volunteer workforce.

To support four hours of individual domestic violence/safety planning counseling services per week for adult shoreline victims from Branford, Guilford and Madison.

To support two second-year candidates for a Master's Degree in Social Work at UConn. Serving as interns, the candidates will provide individual domestic violence/safety planning counseling services for 100-120 adult female victims, from 16 years of age on.

Easter Seals Goodwill Industries Rehabilitation Center, Inc. 
To support the implementation of the Women Reaching for Success project, which will provide gender-responsive services to 15 – 20 women who have previously been incarcerated and are now re-entering the community. The program will teach these women to advocate for themselves and their families, provide opportunities to increase their participation in positive family- and community-related activities and create mechanisms that will strengthen their capacity to earn a higher wage.

Eli Whitney Museum
To support the Catherine Green Project to expand learning opportunities for 20 girls aged 9-13 through summer camp scholarships.  The Project focuses on creating workshops for girls that allow them to master skills that have traditionally been perceived to be the province of boys.  The project also trains teachers to identify and encourage girls with non-traditional aptitudes.

To support the expansion of the Catherine Greene Project in obtaining additional scholarships from other community organizations whose missions expand horizons for girls.

To support the Museum's MAKE Time to Experiment Program, that engages women who are students and leaders in the sciences, technology, and trades to serve as role models for female museum apprentices and families.

Elm City Girl's Choir
To support the purchase of music for an "a cappella" performing group of girls, ages 8-16, from diverse backgrounds.

Fair Haven Community Health Center 
To support the implementation of the "Safe Date" curriculum for 40 urban Latino & African-American participants from the Fair Haven and Clinton Avenue schools ranging from 11-14 years of age. The “Safe Date” program will educate these pre-teens about behaviors often associated with unhealthy relationships, dating abuse and sexual harassment.

Faith Christian Fellowship of Hamden, Inc.
To support a program training women in entrepreneurial skills through the making and selling of dolls.

Family Resource Center
To provide the opportunity for 12 family childcare providers to participate in the Red Cross CT Child Care and CPR for the Professional Rescuer courses at a reduced rate.

Foundation for Connecticut Women
To support the ongoing work of the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, an arm of the Connecticut General Assembly which focuses on work in three priority areas:  women’s economic security, health and safety, and the elimination of gender discrimination.

Future Stars Children's Foundation
To sponsor 10 at risk or disadvantaged girls, ages 8-15, who are members of the Boys & Girls Club of the Lower Naugatuck Valley to attend a week of WNBA Summer Basketball program.

Girl Scouts, Connecticut Trails Council
To assist 25 girls, primarily of Latino origin, from the Hill section of New Haven, attend Girl Scout meetings by covering the cost of membership fees, troop dues, handbooks, pins, sashes and activity supplies.

To support the Uniquely ME! Program that provides a series of age and gender-specific activities that are culturally sensitive. The program includes three activity books focused on relevant issues such as healthy eating and identifying eating disorders to learning to communicate better with parents/guardians and analyzing what contributes to a healthy relationship. Approximately 200 girls between the ages of 8-14 will participate from the New Haven area. 

Girl Scouts, Housatonic Council
To support the Financial Readiness for Girls program for 100 underserved girls ages 11-17. The program teaches girls about a four-step process (save, spend, invest, and donate) and gives them tools to be successful financially in their futures.

Girl Scouts of Connecticut
To support girls at Eli Whitney Technical High School and Hamden Middle School in the It's Your World - Change It! Leadership Experience, a weekly, school-year program that will teach girls how to take leadership roles in addressing issues in their communities.

To launch a pilot program in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of New Haven aimed at underserved girls (ages 5-14) who are often unable to participate in Girl Scout activities due to economic issues and other barriers.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater New Haven
To support Women Build Week, a special project in which female volunteers help build a home for a single mother and her children.

Hamden Public Schools
To implement the Girls Circle program for at-risk girls in 7th and 8th grades at Hamden Middle School.  The 18-20 week curriculum includes units that teach and provide support skills in areas such as friendship, individuality and preparation for the future.

Helping Our Ladies Learn Achievements
To support H.O.L.L.A., a program that provides training to young women in personal grooming, professional dress and demeanor, etiquette, assertiveness training, sexual harassment training, computer skills and resume development as well as healthy living skills.  

Higher Heights Youth Empowerment Programs, Inc.
To support a partnership with James Hillhouse High School in New Haven to increase the college readiness and academic achievement of 50 female students and young parents who are at -risk of not enrolling in or completing a post-secondary education.

To support a mentoring program that matches female college students, who are also Higher Heights alumni, with girls attending Metropolitan High School who are at risk of not enrolling in or completing a post-secondary education.

To support the creation of a program coordinator position who is knowledgeable about mentoring best practices and standards.

To support the expansion of the HIGHER Women Mentoring Program to include financial literacy programming for high school girls and their mothers to expand college access and success through improved financial education.

Hill Health Corporation
To support the Prison to Community Peer Support Program, a 44 week peer support group serving 40 newly released formerly incarcerated women, led by women who have experienced and overcome substance abuse and or mental illness and who have made the transition from prison to the community.

Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services (IRIS)
To support the Family Safety for New Americans project which will provide education, training and outreach to approximately 60 refugee and immigrant families, including 30 women and twelve girls, to break the cycle of domestic violence.

To make available onsite childcare service enabling primary caregivers to take English classes at IRIS.

To support the expansion of the Health & Wellness Program to increase access for refugee women to reproductive healthcare, health education and exercise and mental health counseling.

Juvenile Forensic Services, LLP
Provides girls with models of healthy lifestyles to help them manage stress without substance abuse.

Latina A.R.M.Y. 
To support the development of a website that will help establish an informative and supportive community for participants in the Journey to Empowerment workshop series.

Leadership Education and Athletics in Partnership (LEAP)
To support LEAP's Girls' Summer Basketball League. The League is designed to provide 30 girls ages 7-12, who might not ordinarily be able to participate in a sport or who are not engaged in other positive activities, with a safe and healthy activity that can build confidence and self esteem and improve fitness and coordination. It also emphasizes skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship. 

To support a self-defense course for girls ages 13 to 15 to increase self-protection, recognize the signs of potential violence, foster physical fitness and build self-esteem.

To support the expansion of a “Girls Only” summer program serving 70 low-income girls ages 7-12. The program will foster self-confidence, healthy living and academic achievement.

Legacy Advocacy Organization for Teens
To support a women's group for adolescent women who lack positive female role models and are engaging in risky behaviors, including early and unsafe sexual activity, drug use and criminal activities.

To fund stipends for teens who will serve as peer educators for 12-15 year old girls detained in Juvenile Detention.

Life Haven
To support the purchase of lamps and bookcases for the library to enhance the literacy program.

To purchase a computer, software and videos to enhance the usage of their library and provide educational opportunities to the women and children residents.

To support a program that provides assessment, early intervention and immediate access to appropriate services for children from birth to 5 years old who are sheltered.

To provide homeless mothers with bus passes and phone cards to assist in their job search.

The Literacy Center of Milford, Inc. 
To support the expansion of the Meadowside ESL (English as a Second Language) and Advanced Class for Mothers programs. 

To continue the Adult Women’s ESL program and Mother’s Advanced Class, programs serving approximately 30 immigrant women.

Literacy Volunteers of Greater New Haven 
To support a literacy project aimed at helping 10 Latino women participants move to a higher level of literacy programming so that they can give be better parents, employees and members of their community.

To support the creation of a Mother/Daughter Book Club in partnership with the Wilson Branch of the New Haven Free Public Library.  10 girls from local schools and their mothers or grandmothers will participate in the book club to enhance the development of literacy in their lives and homes, promote communication between mothers and daughters on relevant issues and provide participants and their families with a selection of books for their homes.

To support expansion of the English language learning environment for Turkish immigrant women.

Lower Naugatuck Valley Parent Child Resource Center, Inc.
For a support group grounded in the principles of psycho education and supportive therapy to help girls age 11 to 14 understand and positively cope with the effects of mental illness in a family member.

To assist Latina adolescent girls to develop positive identities as Latinas, as bicultural Americans, and as young women.

To support training of a clinician in the Bright Beginnings Program at the Ackerman Institute. The Bright Beginnings program is designed to teach at-risk moms the skills they need to effectively care for and nurture their babies and young children.  In turn, the trained clinician will take the knowledge gained in the workshop and deliver services in accord with the design of the Bright Beginnings to young mothers and their babies involved with the Young Adult Services. Initially 5-12 young women will benefit and it will expand to the Moms Group at Youth Adult Services.

The Mary Wade Home
To support a sewing program for 16 Adult Day Center clients between the ages of 62 and 81.  Most of the women are impacted by Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia.  Half of the participants worked in New Haven’s now defunct shirt and undergarment industries.  The program will help to keep the women with dementia “in the moment”, promote circulation for those with diabetes and help all to maintain manual dexterity, promote socialization and cooperation and provide a sense of purpose.  The quilts and lap blankets the group makes will be donated to Mary Wade residents, clients and other area non-profits.  

To support an intergenerational arts program that will pair female seniors from Mary Wade Home's assisted living residence with teen girls from New Haven's Fair Haven neighborhood for a series of art workshops.

To support the Arts Workshop program, a series of four art workshops that will be taught by female artists and encourage collaboration, cooperation and creativity between girls from Fair Haven and senior female residents.

The Milford Public Library
To support the Women Redefining Retirement program which is aimed at the economic, educational, physical, social, artistic and emotional growth of 240 women in retirement years.  The grant will support speakers and expand the materials available to the participants to include books; DVD’s and books on CD that address retirement issues on practical and spiritual levels.  

Mutual Housing Assoc. of South Central CT 
To support the creation of Girl-z Talk, a self help group for approximately 66 young women and neighborhood women at the Learning Center in Fair Haven.  The purpose is to provide a forum for Mutual Housing Association and Fair Haven community residents to discuss issues and concerns that affect their quality of life or positive personal development.

Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration
To support a week-long Marine Science Summer Camp, in July, for eighteen New Haven girls chosen from New Haven's Middle Schools. The participants will work and study with female scientists and other role models from the Mystic community. Funds will go towards round-trip transportation between Mystic and New Haven, and activity materials that the girls will use on-site.

Music Haven, Inc. 
To facilitate positive youth development and community-building for girls from New Haven’s underserved neighborhoods through music education and performance.

Neighborhood Music School, Inc.
To support a Modern Jazz Dance Program that will provide high quality professional modern jazz dance classes for 10 girls, ages 9-13, and their mothers/caregivers from New Haven's Latino community. Weekly classes are designed to be engaging and fun and build self confidence and self-esteem through accomplishment of dance.

To support the participation of 8-10 female African-American and Latina students in the Instrumental Impact program.  This program is aimed at closing the musical achievement gap that exists between middle class and economically disadvantaged students.

To support the design, implementation and evaluation of a pilot, songwriting workshop series for women with Asperger's Syndrome who are managing or working toward an independent life.

To support the replication and expansion of the NoteAble Women Pilot Program, a songwriting program for women, ages eighteen and over, who are on the autism spectrum.

Newhallville Huskies Association, Inc.
To support a girls cheerleading team to compete locally and nationally in AAU Cheerleading competitions and encourage their participation in community services.

The New Haven Diaper Bank
To support a project manager for the Basic Human Needs Policy collaboration between the Liman Project, Wiggin and Dana attorneys and other interested parties.  The goal is to secure a sustaining source of state and federal funding for diapers, serving over 1040 children regionally, and potentially all children living in poverty in the U.S.  

New Haven Ecology Project
Common Ground Science Academy: summer science course for high school credit for 10-15 female high school students, to be held at a 10 acre urban farm at the base of West Rock Ridge State Park, for a total of 100 hours of instruction.
To support the participation of girls and young women in Common Ground’s environmental programs creating learning and leadership opportunities.

To support the Above and Beyond Fund in its ability to support girls and young women in learning and leadership programs designed to incorporate the outdoors.

New Haven Family Alliance
To support 15 thirteen to seventeen-year-olds that are participants of the Street Outreach Workers and Juvenile Review Board programs in a jewelry-making project.  The project will teach these girls the art of creating jewelry combined with the skill of establishing and managing a cooperative small business to sell their creations.

To support the Bead for Life Program, a youth development program that will teach life skills and jewelry making to girls over 18 weeks.

New Haven Free Public Library
To support The Harlem Renaissance study project, a supportive collaboration with LEAP in which forty young women ages 11-12 are partnered with 10 Junior and Senior Counselors to study the Harlem Renaissance and other aspects of African-American history. 

New Haven Healthy Start
To support Baby Buddies, a consumer education and referral program designed to address possible risk factors that contribute to the deaths of African American infants.  Baby Buddies will deliver health information to the African American community in New Haven through community events, churches, civic organizations, door to door, informational “house parties” and community conversations.

New Haven Home Recovery
To provide curricular materials for an after-school program, which is part of SEARCH (Services, Education, and Activities Reaching Children who are Homeless). This program will include structured play and other activities to develop math and reading skills. Academic enrichment for a varying number of children, and their mothers, will be provided by KidzLit, KidzMath and the Together in Learning Family Literacy Curriculum. 

To support the "Women on the Go" Project  and provide 60 bus passes to very low-income women in a NHHR program who are working, or engaged in GED classes, literacy programs, job training or job preparation classes.

To support the cost of two computers and a printer that will be used at the CareWays family shelter for clients to access to learn basic skills, word processing and more advanced programs to train for higher paying jobs.

To support the Transportation Program which provides transportation to 150 women who are poor, homeless and in some cases, disabled.  The transportation allows women to get to work, job training, behavioral health services and training programs designed to help resident achieve stability and self-sufficiency.

To support 10 girls ages 6-14 from the homeless shelter to attend a 5 day summer camp through the Schooner Summer Education Program or the Peabody Museum Camp.

To help women living in New Haven Home Recovery’s emergency shelters move to stable, self-sufficiency by providing them with bus passes, moving services, and assistance obtaining birth certificates.

New Haven Network for Public Education 
To provide support for the "Becoming a Young Woman of Virtue and Dignity" program at Katherine Brennan School. Twenty-five sixth and seventh grade girls will engage in a series of monthly programs during the school year that focus on character development, decision-making, personal virtue, and good citizenship. Guided by volunteer school staff members, each girl will participate in a variety of in-school activities, and keep a personal journal.  Field trips will include a visit to the New Haven District Court, a local bank, a homeless shelter, a Town Meeting with the Mayor, a trip to the Shubert and to Hartford to meet state officials.

Nuts About Health, Inc. 
To support the Circuit Training program designed to improve the health of at-risk African American and Native American women and girls.

Perfect Blend
To support the Passing the Torch Symposium, a one-day conference for girls and young women in the areas of economic empowerment, social, educational and personal development skills.

Pequenas Ligas Hispanas de New Haven
To place 2-3 underprivileged Hispanic middle school and high school girls at summer athletic camps.

To sponsor 10 to 15 girls in the Girls Instructional Volleyball Program in classes and workshops in dances from various countries.

To support an instructional and competitive Volleyball program for young Latinas from low- and moderate-income families in New Haven.

To support the implementation of the Girls NCAA-Bound Volleyball and Multi-Sport Program.  

To teach 100 girls, ages 4-18, the fundamentals of sports such as volleyball, basketball, baseball and more, in order to encourage greater female participation.

Planned Parenthood of CT, Inc.
To support the Star (Students Teaching About Responsible Sexuality) program that works with 12 Greater New Haven high school students to provide peer to peer opportunities for young people to access medically accurate information. STAR uses young people's willingness to listen to their peers to dispel myths and rumors regarding healthy sexuality. In addition, these peer educators will produce one peer education conference for peer educators and joint presentations for two other conferences.

To support the Real Life Real Talk program, a social change initiative that utilizes social marketing and community partnerships to foster open, honest and balanced talk about healthy teen sexuality for 285 New Haven mothers and their children.

Planned Parenthood of Southern New England
To support the Teen Clinic, a monthly program that will serve primarily low-income, teenage girls and offer walk-in appointments for contraception and testing, assistance filling out paperwork, free services and educational sessions hosted by peer educators.

To support the implementation of the New Haven Healthy Tweens Program designed to address the rates of teen pregnancy by increasing parental involvement.

Quinnipiack Valley Health District
To provide confidential and free on-site Pap tests at the outpatient clinic in Hamden High School.

'R Kids
To support an additional weekly Mother's Group held at the 'r Kids Family Center, involving parenting curricula supplemented by therapy and encouragement of peer support for women whose children have been removed from their care by The Department of Children and Families. 

To provide parenting education and peer support for mothers whose children have been removed from their care by DCF.

To support The Community Mentoring Mom Project that is designed to provide 6-8 mothers who have been reunified with their children with their own "Mom" to call when they need reassurance, guidance and comfort from a trusting, supportive resource. This mentoring project will increase the rate of successful reunifications, stabilize children in their homes and enhance the family's ability to learn how to nurture, protect and advocate for their stability.

To support the development of a tracking and assessment tool that establishes 10-12 criteria for appropriate level of legal representation from the time a child is removed from parent’s custody through to decisions regarding reunification.  Data gained will be used to inform the Commission on Child Protection, the Office of the Chief Child Protecting Attorney, legislators, and DCF to improve the quality of the legal representation of children and parents in child welfare cases.  The report will provide the information that will allow decision makers to see the human face of each mother and her children to tell the story behind the statistics.

To support the development and implementation of a 12 week support group curriculum focused on the needs of mothers and their early adolescent daughters.  The curriculum will be used in the ‘r kids post-reunification support group for 20 – 24 mothers and their daughters, ages 11-14.  

Rachel's Table
To supply uniforms to 36 homeless women learning culinary skills for employment in the food service industry.

Rape Crisis Center of Milford, Inc.
To support the purchase of new video and media materials for the Center’s continuing education programs.  Focusing on risk prevention and primary prevention, the curriculum includes lessons that cover communication skills, conflict resolution, stereotyping, media influence and internet safety. The programs will be offered for over 7,000 pre-K, kindergarten, second and fourth grade students.  

*This grant is provided by the Alumnae Committee of the Fund for Women & Girls.

Saint Raphael Foundation, Hospital of Saint Raphael H.O.P.E. Program
To support the H.O.P.E. program in recruiting twenty participants for two sixteen week training sessions focusing on GED completion and preparation for employment.  

To support the H.O.P.E. program’s employment training program for up to 40 participants, primarily mothers of young children.  
**The H.O.P.E. program grant is also being supported by a grant of $10,000 from The United Illuminating Company, Inc. in collaboration with the Fund for Women & Girls.

To support the continuation of three key components of the H.O.P.E. program: transportation, journaling and semiannual parenting workshops for approximately 40 mothers and single women who are working to overcome the barriers of poverty through job training.

To support the Centering Pregnancy Model of Care provided to pregnant teens, first-time expectant mothers, and women whose lives have changed significantly since their last pregnancy.

To support classes and a resource library on women’s health issues for women with intellectual disabilities.

Schooner, Inc. 
To support implementation of the G.I.R.L.S. project for 25 middle schools girls in grades 6-8 for a three day adventure in August 2007.  This three day adventure will provide leadership opportunity for young girls, non traditional, hands-on marine science activities and learn in a safe but exciting environment. 

To support a mentorship program that will match ninth and tenth grade girls with professional women in the community.

Solar Youth, Inc.
To provide funds for Solar Youth to facilitate a week-long wilderness adventure experience for up to eight young women from the Westville Manor public housing development.  The goal of the trip is to provide an extreme adventure experience during which staff will lead the teen girls in discussions and challenges that will help them to reflect on their lives and envision goals for their future.

To support three youth leaders in becoming Wilderness Leaders during a summer 2010 group outing. These experienced young women will lead the trip participants in discussions and challenges that help them reflect on their lives and envision goals for their future.

Soul-o-ettes Drill Team
To support the Soul-o-ettes drill team and mentoring project for 25-100 African American and Latino girls, ages 4-19. This project is designed to provide guidance and support to the girls as well as a sense of pride through their skill development. The girls will learn drill routines, compete, and perform at a competition in Louisville, Kentucky.

To support the Soul-o-ettes, a drill team and mentoring project for African American and Latino girls ages 4-19. The Team promotes skill acquisition as well as self-esteem and academic achievement. It will learn drill routines, compete, and perform at a competition in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Soroptimist International of Greater New Haven
To support four workshops for 25 female clients of the Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services (IRIS) organization.  Workshops will be related to job readiness, business development, healthcare and adult education, and will include post-workshop mentoring.

Southern Connecticut State University Foundation, Inc.
To support the Sixth Annual Women and Girls in Sports Day for approximately 200 girls from minority, inner city and low-income families from New Haven County.  Girls will interact with coaches and women athletes who are successful, positive role models.

Survivors of Domestic Violence
To support the upgrade and landscaping of the shelter's backyard, providing a safe play and social area for children and families.

Stetson Branch Library
To support "Eyes Wide Open", a day long conference on domestic violence presented by Digital OverDose Musical Productions and hosted by and held at the Stetson Library. 

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church for Your Place: Youth Center
To support a continuation of the 2009 Women & Girls grant for a 26-week, three session after-school program called the Women's Group.  15-20 thirteen to seventeen-year-olds from New Haven will help design and format the sessions.

St. Luke's Services, Inc.
To prepare, serve, and distribute healthy food to compliment the planned health education, "Wellness Program."

St. Martin de Porres Quilting Workshop
To fund scholarships to women/girls wishing to learn the art of quilting and experience a feeling of community through working with others. Involvement with Prescott Bush Senior Center and Hispanos Unidos adds a cross-generational cultural aspect.

Student Parenting and Family Services
To support an Intensive Case Management program at the Elizabeth Celotto Center at Wilbur Cross High School.  The case manager will be able to work with 16-20 teen mothers several times throughout the school day and develop strong supportive relationships with them.  

***This grant has been funded through the generosity of the Junior League of Greater New Haven, in collaboration with the Fund for Women & Girls.

The Natural Guard
To support the "Just Us" project that includes the marketing and distribution of a compact-disk filled with poetry written by several young women. Profits from the sale of the CD will be put into an educational trust fund.

Two Sisters
To underwrite expenses associated with a program to change behavior through one-to-one meetings.

Valley CARE Team
To support Family Ties Project, a yearlong project with the purpose of empowering families to cope with the overwhelming challenges of HIV and AIDS by offering educational and recreational programming at the Valley YMCA and on site at the Birmingham Group Health Service.

Valley Parish Nurse Program 
To provide a program that teaches three generations of women healthy eating habits to prevent life-threatening health issues like hypertension, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. The program will impact 60 participants over a 15 month period and consist of discussions, demonstrations and hands-on activities.

Vista Vocational & Life Skills Center, Inc.
To support a series of classes on sexual decision making for 25 female students provided at Vista by instructors from Planned Parenthood of CT.  The classes will focus on topics such as healthy and unhealthy relationships, relationship building, dating, values, assertiveness, self-concept and safer sex.

To provide a trained professional to run an educational program for women living with disabilities about making safe and healthy decisions about sexual relationships.

Walsh Intermediate School
To offer " Girls Night Out", a program for 8th grade girls who are graduating from middle school.

West Haven Child Development Center
To assist in the start-up costs of a playground for their new infant/toddler program.

To purchase musical equipment for the infant toddler program that will stimulate development in young children.

West Haven Community House Association, Inc.
To support and expand the Teen CHAT positive youth development program to serve twenty-four girls who attend Bailey Middle School. Each girl will attend three after-school group sessions monthly which focus on the Smart Moves and Street Smart curricula developed by the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The specific focus of the program is to reduce teen pregnancy by building "protective" factors, including good school attendance, open communication with peers and parents, positive self-worth and self-control. Staffed by a Life Skills Educator, a Teen and Family Support Director and a Tai Chi instructor, this program has already had positive results at Carrigan Middle School in West Haven.

Women and Families Center, Inc.
To support the Creative Expressions workshop, geared towards 40-50 twelve to eighteen year-old-girls, which strives to mitigate the harmful behaviors and attitudes that contribute to the acceptance and normalization of sexual violence.  This grant will help fund four eight-week workshops. 

Women and Family Life Center
To provide older women the computer skills they need to establish new forums in which to share common concerns.

To support strategic planning activities of the Center in memory of Valerie Minter.

To support the expansion of the Domestic Violence Training Program to include training workshops and resource materials for education, medical, legal and other professionals serving domestic violence victims along the shoreline.

To support the restructuring and expansion of the Breastfeeding Pilot Program promoting maternal and infant health through education, support and counseling services.

Women of Power Network, Inc.
To support the second-year component of the Developing Leaders Mentoring Program that academically and socially prepares girls attending New Haven public high schools for college.

To support returning and new students in the Developing Leaders Mentoring Platform, a program in which women mentor high school girls with the goal of keeping the girls in school and ensuring their graduation and college enrollment.

Women of Wisdom
To support a "Cozy Coats" program at Hill Cooperative Youth Services. The program makes and distributes coats to area shelters and develops technical and entrepreneurial skills.

Women's Business Development Council 
To support an entrepreneurship training program for women from the New Haven and Valley regions who earn low incomes.

To support two 12-week sessions of FastTrac® New Venture, entrepreneurial training for low-income women at the New Haven Chamber of Commerce and at the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce in Shelton.

Women's Campaign School at Yale
To support one-day programs to attract and open the door to minority women of all ages in Greater New Haven so that they can learn the processes, build confidence, and discover how to challenge local government by getting involved and raising personal concerns as an informed, educated constituents and candidates. 

To support 5 scholarships awarded to Latino, and/or African-American women allowing them to attend six one-day programs.

To provide scholarships to local minority women.

To support a partnership with the Connecticut Permanent Commission on the Status of Women’s Young Women's Leadership Program that educates and encourages young women to explore participation in the political process through learning and networking opportunities.

Women’s Health Research at Yale 
To support efforts that focus attention on the fundamental inequities in modern health research that adversely affect women and girls. 

Yale University School of Medicine / North Haven Middle School 
To provide curriculum materials for an interpersonal violence prevention program at North Haven Middle School to prevent sexual victimization and foster healthy peer relationships.

Youth to Youth Peer Advocates
To offer and conduct a series of weekly life skills workshops and seminars for girls between the ages of 10-13 facilitated by high school peer advocate girls 15-18 years old. 

Youth Continuum, Inc.
To support instruction in employment and life management skills to young women who are currently homeless and in care of the Youth Continuum resident facility.

To provide women leadership development opportunities for female Youth Continuum human service workers.

To support the Girls FIRST (Fitness, Image, Relationships, Self Esteem, and Trust) gender specific life skills curriculum for 24 girls and young single mothers. Girls FIRST will enhance the current curriculum with the addition of workshops on body image/eating disorders and healthy relationships and activities such as yoga that will focus on essential lifeskills development. 

To support Sista2Sista, a program that empowers and educates homeless young women, ages 16-23, about positive decision making, housing, educational support, job training, counseling and life skills.

Young Parent Program of Milford, Inc. 
To support an Outreach Facilitator to expand a pregnancy prevention program in the community.  The facilitator’s role will be to collaborate with health educators and nurses in the Milford school system and teach pregnancy prevention through health classes. 

To support the West Haven Community House’s ParenTeen Connections program which is designed to fill the void in delivery of prenatal services in West Haven while broadening and enriching the Milford-based teen education program.  Approximately 60 young women under age 21 will be served.

To support Information is Key, an interactive workshop for 50 pregnant and parenting teens.  This workshop will educate teens about services available from community parenting agencies.

To support the Young Parent Program's targeting women 22 years of age and under in order to promote healthy choices, responsible decision-making, healthy birth outcomes and prevention of unwanted pregnancies.

To support educating 50 teens and young adults through childbirth classes designed to attain positive pregnancy outcomes and enhance infant wellbeing.  
Your Place Youth Center
To support three sessions (Summer, Fall and Spring) of the “Go On Girl” group for a total of 45 at-risk teen girls from New Haven, Hamden and North Haven who have been affected by or involved in violence.

20th Anniversary MakingWaves Leadership Giving Program

The Community Fund for Women & Girls thanks the following generous supporters for participating in the MakingWaves Leadership Giving Program with a gift or pledge. The Program was created in honor of the Community Fund for Women & Girls’ 20th Anniversary to grow the endowment and the Fund’s grantmaking resources for local nonprofits for the benefit of women and girls.

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