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Nettie J Dayton Circle

Nettie J. Dayton
Shelly Saczynski, former member of The Community Foundation's Board of Directors and current Nettie J. Dayton Circle Member.

Nettie J. Dayton CircleNettie J. Dayton’s bequest in the late 1920’s made her the leading figure in the development of The Community Foundation as we know it today. Her lasting legacy to our community makes her part of our collective history as residents of Greater New Haven. We have searched, but never found, a photo of her, but her identity lives on as the namesake for our Nettie J. Dayton Circle. The Nettie J. Dayton Circle honors individuals and who have chosen to leave a legacy through The Community Foundation—in their wills, personal trusts, retirement plans, life income gifts, or other deferred gift arrangements. It is because of our Nettie J. Dayton Circle members  that New Haven and surrounding communities will have the philanthropic resources they need in the coming years—to solve problems and seize opportunities to strengthen the New Haven area as a vibrant, socially and culturally enriched, place to live and work. Thank you for considering your membership in the Nettie J. Dayton Circle.

Nettie J. Dayton Circle Members

  • Anonymous
  • Elaine R. Anderson
  • Mary B. Arnstein*
  • Lisa F. Arpaia, Esq.
  • Catharine H. Barclay
  • Henry E. & Nancy H. Bartels
  • Donn Barton
  • Myrna F. Baskin
  • Rita D. Berkson & Randolph B. Reinhold
  • The Berry Hulin Family
  • Carla A. Birmingham
  • Richard Blacher
  • Pamela C. Boller
  • Richard J. & Joan Bonomi
  • Dr. Harold D. & Maureen L. Bornstein
  • William Brink 
  • Tony Cafiero & Heather Rife
  • Mary Carey
  • Barbara W. Carlson
  • Elizabeth Ceccarelli
  • Phyllis Ceccarelli
  • Terry R. Chatfield
  • Peter Ciardiello
  • Brad Collins & Nancy Clayton
  • William S. Colwell
  • Erskine & Virginia* Galpin Crossley
  • David & Christina Cugell
  • Elizabeth Demir
  • Robert & Margaret Eichman
  • Severio & Janice Fodero
  • Rev. Susan I. Fowler
  • Christopher & Toddie Getman
  • Lindy Lee Gold
  • Ruth B. Grannick
  • Henry S. Harrison
  • John & Lesley Higgins-Biddle
  • Ralph C. Jones
  • Annie Garcia Kaplan
  • James Kasper
  • Brooks M.* & Suzanne G. Kelley
  • Frank Kenna Jr. & Joan Kenna
  • John D. Kernan Jr. & Karen Kernan
  • Harvey* & Ruth Koizim
  • Edward Konowitz
  • David A. Krett Jr.
  • William & Carolyn Lieber
  • Lawrence & Susan Liebman
  • Robert & Joyce Mailhouse
  • Jean B. & M. Anne Mauro
  • Carolyn M. Mazure
  • Nancy Devine McClennan
  • Phyllis McDowell
  • Marcia Mersey
  • Maria Mojicia & Edgar Colon
  • Carol Nardini
  • Minot & Alycyn Nettleton
  • Barbara Nicolazzo
  • Jim & Mimi Niederman
  • David O'Sullivan
  • Margaret L. Ottenbreit 
  • Cynthia Parker
  • Fred J. Pasqualoni
  • Catherine P. & Edward* Petraiuolo Jr.
  • Dagobert & Nancy Pfeiffer
  • Katharine C. Pierce
  • Ed & Margie Pikaart
  • Angela G. Powers
  • David G. Powrie*
  • Douglas W. Rae
  • Jean M. Richards
  • Patrick B. Rowland & Lisa A. Kwesell
  • Shelly & Richard Saczynski
  • David Schaefer
  • Margery S. Scheir
  • Irene Scheld
  • Judith Schurman
  • Teresa M. Sirico
  • Carol Lynn Sirot
  • Jane Snaider
  • Kerala & Richard Snyder
  • Sara R. Stadler
  • Patsy Taylor
  • Agnes W. Timpson
  • Jeffery T. Wack
  • Patricia L. Wales
  • Glenn & Dotty Weston-Murphy
  • Elizabeth White*
  • Mary Elizabeth Wiedersheim
  • Pug & Dee Winokur



I give and bequeath…in trust for the public, charitable and educational uses and purposes…subject to all of the provisions of the Resolution and Declaration of Trust…creating The New Haven Foundation….

The Nettie J. Dayton Fund / 1928

Join the Nettie J. Dayton Circle

Who was Nettie J. Dayton?

Nettie J. Dayton is The Community Foundation’s first donor. Because of her $128,000 bequest “for general purposes,” she is a leading figure in the development of the institution. But as an unmarried woman born in the 19th century who lived most of her life without the right to vote, Dayton is a mystery whose most lasting act was her bequest. She lived comfortably but not grandly at 169 Dwight Street in New Haven. She was only 53 when she died. If it were not for her relationship to The Foundation, she would be truly lost to history. We have searched, but never found, a photo of her.

How can we help?

Dotty Weston-Murphy

Sr. Vice President, Development and Donor Services 203-777-7081 Email Dotty

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