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Leadership Activities

Foundation preference and unrestricted funds are used to fulfill a donor's charitable wishes as well as to address current community issues. Consideration about how to best use the funds entrusted to The Community Foundation is based on the institution's strong relationships with nonprofits and community leaders. Knowledge gathered from these relationships informs decisions that impact the broader community.  Additionally throughout its history, The Community Foundation has identified opportunities to reduce and eliminate problems within the community, taking a leadership role in seizing these opportunities by convening community stakeholders and providing financial support. Below are some recent examples of our leadership activities:

The Community Fund for Women & Girls was created in 1995 by an anonymous woman and gifts from the community to provide social and economic advancement for women and girls through strategic philanthropy, grants, advocacy and collaboration. Since inception, the Fund has distributed over $600,000 into the community. Beginning in 2008, an endowment building campaign was started to grow the size of the Fund to $2 million to increase the number and size of grants awarded each year. 

 New Haven Healthy Start is a program that helps pregnant women and mothers deliver healthy and happy babies. Its primary objective is to reduce the infant mortality and morbidity rate in the City of New Haven. In 2009, Congresswoman Rosa L. DeLauro (D-CT) announced a five year $4.5 million federal grant for the program, marking the fourth round of federal aid from the Department of Health and Human Services. Receipt of federal funds for Healthy Start programs is determined through a nation-wide competitive process.

The New Haven Leadership Program is a facet of The Community Foundation’s community outreach work. The program is an eight month training and grant program that supports community leaders in imagining, testing, developing, and realizing projects which build community and provide positive outcomes in New Haven neighborhoods. 

Believing that the quality of students’ education is critical to the future of our region, The Community Foundation has undertaken work to increase student achievement to complement the recent commitment of New Haven leadership to make New Haven the best urban school district in the country. 

Thanks for a partnership between The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven and Guidestar, you can give with greater knowledge and confidence to the nonprofits and causes you care about. You can also learn about new organizations whose work may also align with your philanthropic goals and inspire your support. For the first time, comprehensive profiles of area nonprofits are available on a single website  at®. These profiles contain information from several sources and are searchable by name, geography, or interest area. Because the site also has online giving capabilities, donors have an opportunity to search, review, and give all in one place.

Hispanics make up the largest minority population in the State of Connecticut today. Despite their numbers, they face many challenges like gaining access to health and education services and overcoming racism and discrimination. That's where the Progreso Latino Fund comes in. The Fund promotes the educational and socio-economic well-being of Latinos in the City of New Haven and the region.

The Urban Prosperity Foundation Fund was established in 2010 to promote philanthropy, prosperity and self-empowerment in New Haven's African American community by supporting excellence in education, financial responsibility, healthy living and spirituality.  The UPF Fund seeks to inform the community about critical issues and opportunities that face the African American community; inspire and motivate individuals to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate; share the latest health information and encourage and draw on the strength of African American spirituality.   

Stewardship of our natural resources is essential if we wish to guarantee that present and future generations enjoy clean water, good air quality and open spaces. There are more than 15 funds at The Community Foundation that support efforts to conserve and preserve the environment. Among them is the Quinnipiac River Fund that leads the efforts to restore the Quinnipiac’s water quality and overall ecological health.


Valley Community FoundationThe Valley Community Foundation (VCF) is a supporting organization of The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven (The Foundation). This relationship provides VCF with access to the strength of The Foundation. VCF shares a CFO and uses The Foundation's investment expertise, programming and development knowledge. This strong relationship provides VCF with an immediate support structure that will allow the Board of Directors to focus on leadership and development.

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