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The Progreso Latino Fund

Did you miss the Convening on March 27th? Click on the image below for a recap and photos!

Who We Are and What We Do

Founded at — and nurtured by — The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, the Progreso Latino Fund has been building capacity and knowledge since 2003. It has gathered over a decade a permanent endowment — for grant making, policy forums, and leadership-building activities — of just over a quarter-million dollars. Money raised for the Fund has been used to sponsor educational forums and community events - a primary strategy and platform for bringing people together, engaging Latinos and non-Latinos about issues, and providing a vehicle for conversations about how the issues impact Latinos. Support has also enabled the Fund to provide scholarship money to high school students and sponsor summer reading programs for younger children. 

It's a very good start. But it's not nearly enough.

With your help, the Progreso Latino Fund can move much faster. We have the vision. We have the connections. We have the support of key organizations like The Community Foundation. 

The Advisory Committee, now led by Cynthia Rojas and Fernando Muñiz, is looking for Latinos and others to join them to develop Latino leadership and to build an equitable community. Engaging more Latinos in local philanthropy and encouraging giving to PLF will accelerate Latino influence in the region’s civic life.

Will you join them? Contact Sharon Cappetta at or 203-777-7071 for more information about the Fund and its activities.



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The statisticians predict, "The most dramatic growth [of Latinos] is anticipated in New Haven County..."

Learn more about the Emerging Influence & Growing Opportunity of Greater New Haven's Latinos in The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven's latest issue brief.

Did you know?

  • In New Haven county, Latinos are 15% of the population
  • From 2000 to 2012,the New Haven county Latino population increased by 56%
  • There are 239,000 eligible Latino voters in CT, the 14th largest nationally
  • In 2012, a record 69% of Latino high school graduates enrolled in college nationally
  •  Latino estimated purchasing power in the U.S. was $1.2 trillion in 2012
From the Pew Research Hispanic Trends Project and the Selig Center for Economic Growth

Why We Choose to Give

We learned about Progreso Latino when John and Frances Padilla first approached us about joining them to build a fund for Latino kids. We hadn’t been engaged previously with The Community Foundation, or been connected to philanthropy per se.We gave in other ways, in part because we wanted to see the results of our philanthropy, and not just give blindly. We gave to Progreso Latino and it still appeals to us because it connects us to people who are of like minds socially and politically. Through Progreso Latino,we have an opportunity to give differently, and to give to a community we come from and whose struggles we can relate to, personally and professionally. This was a chance to see change affected by the money we were giving, and to support the Latino community.

Pamela and Asher Delerme


The Progreso Latino Fund
Honors John Soto
The Progreso Latino Fund

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